Are you ready to RESET ?

There are literally hundreds of diets out there, all of which, no doubt, work… to some extent. But never for long. So many women seem to fall in the trap of yo-yo weight loss and gain. Women who work REALLY HARD to lose the weight… only to put it all back on again.


Most of these diets are largely based on DEPRIVATION…  If we think purely in terms of calories in minus calories out, deprivation works. Of course it does! If you consume less energy than you are expending, your body – in most cases – will use fat stores for energy. Great, right? Maybe. Your body, ultimately primitive, will also make adjustments to cope with what it classes as famine. If food is sparse, your body will make changes in order to survive. Some of these changes will likely involve breaking down of muscle mass (this looks great on the scales…) and slowing of metabolic processes. Your body will literally slow down. And slowing down – from poor diet, stress and toxic buildup – in itself, may be at the root of your weight gain. Cue vicious cycle.

What if we shifted the focus from DEPRIVATION and focused instead on turning your body into an ENERGY BURNING MACHINE?


  • Ascertain and execute the body’s detoxification requirements to make a supercharged head start on reprogramming your metabolism
  • Monitor and correct blood sugar imbalances, ensuring that the energy you eat is USED not STORED
  • Focus on OPTIMISING digestion and metabolisation
  • Use your blood and body type to work out what are the best foods that your body loves to burn through
  • Implement a delicious and satisfying meal plan that corrects the lowered metabolic state that has resulted from previous deprivation and eating the wrong foods
  • Look closer at the ‘big guys’ who are REALLY in charge of your metabolic rate and make sure they are functioning at optimal level
  • Make some simple and enjoyable lifestyle changes that boost your body’s metabolic function
  • Zero in on the psychology of eating and make sure mind and body are in sync with the new normal!

You need three months, a commitment to do the work, and someone on YOUR TEAM to guide and support you through every step!

That’s why I created RESET! I’ve packaged up everything you need to reprogram your body and mind for lifelong healthy weight management. Step by step we’ll take on every aspect of long term sustainable weight management; I’ll give you the tools you need to make long-lasting results and I will support you every step of the way.


Food diary analysis

We will analyse your food intake over three days to get an idea of what your current macronutrient balance is, how that may be affecting your weight, and where there are potential nutritional deficiencies.

Reset Manifesto

Sonja’s signature system helps to get you laser focused on what you want to achieve out of the program. It’s your health, your goals, and the sky is the limit! Once you’ve gotten clear on where you’re headed (exciting!) her system helps you keep on track with them through regular check ins and changing thought patterns.

All your One-on-One Sessions

Our one-on-one sessions are pivotal to the success of the program and jam-packed full of big action. We’ll check in on progress, explain in depth the next part of your treatment plan and answer all your questions. But most importantly we will be your accountability buddy and cheerleader on your transformation journey.

Detox Plan

As standard, a gentle two week cleanse will kick-start your transformation, but through our evaluation, we’ll incorporate and support you through any additional detoxification requirements to make sure your body is in prime condition for adapting to a new supercharged metabolism.

Treatment Plans

From stimulating digestion to detoxifying to supporting the key organs responsible for your metabolic rate – and everything in between – your individualised treatment plan will include all the support you need to achieve your goals.

Meal plans form a part of the treatment plan and come complete with easy to follow recipes. Your meal plans are tailored specifically for you based on your needs and requirements highlighted through the consultation process.

By the end of the program, so much of what we’ve worked on will have formed a completely natural part of your new healthy lifestyle, but you will leave with a long term plan; your blueprint and all the tools you need to sustain long term healthy weight.

Not sure if Reset is right for you? Book a FREE no obligation discovery session to chat more. I’d love to hear more about what you’re struggling with and how I can support you. Click here to view my calendar and book yourself in!