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To find out I could actually better or fix most of those complaints and then to see the results .... amazing!!

“I have always wanted to see a Nutritionist and it was the best decision I have made to finally work with someone like Sonja.

To finally connect the dots and see where your body is needing help has been really interesting.  All these symptoms/ailments that I thought were just indicative of middle age, then to find out I could actually better or fix most of those complaints and then to see the results …. AMAZING!!

Sonja has been an absolute delight to work with, she is very mindful of your lifestyle/medical history and also finances.

Sonja is very approachable and easy to talk to, great at explaining how things work, also Sonja is very realistic when creating your treatment plans so they really suit your lifestyle.  I am very happy to say I have lost some weight and am feeling so much more revitalised, my liver spots on my face have faded and also my blood sugars have dropped. Also my Endometriosis pains have lessened to a level I can cope with, so the results do speak for themselves.

I highly recommend Sonja as a Nutritionist and look forward to continuing with her, and hope to involve my family too.”


Thanks to Sonja I feel amazing for the first time in a very long time.

She’s very thorough, caring and understanding, and keeps going until she finds a solution for you.

I’ve felt frustrated for years and not understood my symptoms.

Sonja is very welcoming and approachable and makes you feel at ease

I highly recommend her

I can’t thank you enough for how you’ve helped me!

– Sarah

So many changes – all positive – don’t know where to start!

The most prominent thing I noticed, basically from day 2, was I haven’t had that ‘heavy’ feeling in my abdomen. I’ve had no digestive issues, I’m not hungry or looking for food between meals, my forehead is a little less ‘shiny’, I’ve found I have a bit more motivation and feel more alert during the day (despite this unbearable heat!), I’m not quite as tense, I’m sleeping a bit better, I find I’m standing straighter, not slouching as much and automatically pulling in my stomach muscles.


Mostly I’m really pleased I managed to ignore my anxiety and apathy and get a proper consultation with you – the small improvements so far have been awesome – can’t wait till I’m ‘fully fixed’!”

– Linda

Sonja is the Real Deal!

I had never worked with a nutritionist or health coach before Sonja and the universe was clearly looking out for me by connecting me with her, as she is exactly what I needed to help me improve my always-fluctuating health.


I’ve been on a yo-yo cycle of dieting and quitting for years, and my weight has gone up and down, sometimes drastically, and I’ve never felt truly healthy as an adult.  Sonja has helped me make the incredible mindset shift from “diet” to having a healthy lifestyle, while also giving practical advice for concrete action I can take to improve my body’s systems, both protective and actively intervening in problem areas like my low thyroid, which I never knew about until she had me do a simple at home test.

Sonja is a delight to work with, always prompt and organized, and so encouraging.  She is both a great teacher as well as a great coach, sharing important information to better educate me on complicated health topics (in language readily understandable!) while helping me take action and get out of being “stuck” whenever that happens.

Bottom line, my physical health has improved since working with her, and I am also more self compassionate, and feel much less guilt and negative emotions around eating.  Thanks Sonja!

– Renee

She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and I felt really comfortable working with her.

“I took my son to Sonja because he had bad eczema which had flared up across his body. After listening to my concerns, Sonja gave me a clear plan to help me get to the bottom of the eczema, which covered all bases. Sonja was very accessible after the consult and helped me with any queries or problems I had. I’m pleased to say after a few weeks his eczema is almost all gone! We are now working on the dryness. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and I felt really comfortable working with her.”

~ Claire

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