You’re here because you’re ready to lose weight – and keep it off for good! You understand that good health is your birth right and the foundation for your quality of life!

You’re committed. And I’m committed! Committed to giving you the knowledge, tools and support you need to make a lasting change.

I have comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of nutrition, an innate understanding of the body and mind’s inseparable and intricately connected systems, and an extensive understanding of many naturopathic modalities in which I am qualified to practice, including iridology, homeobotanicals, tissue salts, and flower essences. I have access to a wide range of practitioner only natural supplements and testing modalities where needed, and I can give you tailored workout plans that fit in with your life and complement your lifestyle and nutrition changes. I also have the counselling and coaching skills to keep you on track. I support your entire wellbeing – not just your diet.

When you work with me I will help you

  • Understand why you self-sabotage and give you the tools to overcome it
  • How to embrace the three keys to lasting weight loss
  • Learn what healthy eating really means for you and your family
  • Create the time and convenience to make better food and lifestyle choices – that will become part of the new normal.
  • Enjoy changing your habits and stay inspired with tools to keep you on track
  • Use food as a powerful medicine
  • Restore your health and re-discover the joy of living!



If you’re ready to seriously commit to your long-term healthy weight, I offer a range of one-on-one programs where we meet regularly to talk about how you’re doing, measure your progress and ensure you have all the support you need on your journey to sustainable weight loss and, ultimately, radiant health! We can meet in person at my Hamilton clinic or via Skype or phone if you’re further away.


I am building a range of online and group programmes, all of which will offer easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides to achieving your goals. Check back soon to see what’s available!



If you just want to dip your toes in, get to know me a little and enjoy weekly recipes, meal plans, exercise tips and special offers from natural health and nutrition providers around the country, join the club now

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